How the men of ΣΑΕ became apart of my family!


“That’s all a man can hope for during his lifetime – to set an example – and when he is dead, to be an inspiration for history.” //William McKinley

For as long as I remember Cole had always wanted to be apart of a brotherhood. Somewhere where he would feel like a normal college student.  We always knew he would join a fraternity; He always talked about it, he dressed like one all the time AND he even had his twitter username set as @Frattildeath at one time (we laughed at him a lot).  He knew that he was going to be apart of one, no matter what it took!

Before I really start this heart warming story I need to tell you, Cole had never been to hangout with a fraternity before he was 15.  He didn’t know exactly what it entailed just what he saw on tv or heard about from others.  One of those people was my wonderful boyfriend Tyler!  Tyler was like the OLDER brother Cole never had.  In those eight years they formed a bond that only they understood.  They  were both sarcastic jokesters that loved sports and the outdoors!  Tyler was actually the person who took him to his first ever fraternity hang out on MLK day.

Tyler and Cole

The first time Cole met the boys of SAE (at Southern Poly Tech or now Kennesaw State) he instantly felt at home.  All I heard on the way home is how awesome they were and how that is the fraternity that he wanted to be apart of.   From that moment on Cole kept in touch with them over social media and the phone.  A few of the guys even came to help us out at the Cole’s Commanders Golf Tournament the fist year (and all the years following).  Cole even went back up to the house to hangout with them, even though Tyler had class.  Over the next couple of years Cole bonded with one guy in particular (well besides Tyler and Nolen).  Adam Lowe became one of Cole’s best friends and older brothers.

On the day of Cole’s passing not only did I have my wonderful boyfriend to lean on but also our best friend Nolen (also an SAE).  Nolen and Tyler called Adam to inform him of his passing, he in turn got a few of the brothers together and drove 45 min so they could show their support to my family.  They also drove the hour to our hometown just to attend his funeral.

Over the next couple of months they were always helping out in one way or another. Whether it was just a text of support or putting a fundraiser together in his name to give to our foundation.  They showed my family what it means to be a “True Gentlemen” and we will forever be thankful for them!

In late August Adam asked Tyler and me to dinner.  At this dinner he told us how much he and the fraternity cared about Cole and how he always felt like a brother.  He then told us that because of this he had been working on getting Cole initiated as a brother of Sigma Alpha Epsilon.  With this honor Cole is one of only two people to be posthumously initiated. On September 27, 2015 (the day before the year anniversary of Cole’s passing) Cole became a brother of SAE!

It’s hard for me to express just how grateful I am to the men of SAE. Their generosity and selflessness is truly one of a kind. So I would like to say thank you….Thank you everyone from SAE who has been there for me and my family.  Thank you for your continued fight for a cure.  AND thank you for making my brother’s dream of becoming apart of not just any brotherhood but this brotherhood.  I know he is smiling down from heaven wishing yall an amazing founders day!

So now I would like to wish yall a happy founders day. Keep up the amazing work!


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