Anything is POSSIBLE if you’ve got enough NERVE // J.K. Rowling


Ft. above

“When the fear takes you down. When the doubt takes you under. When you sink like a stone, and you can’t breathe. When the tears take control. When the demons take over. Won’t be in this alone, you got me.” // Gavin Degraw

I know it has been a while since I have blogged, so I thought I could write about something a little different to get me back into the blogging spirit!  I also had a SPECIAL guest joining the blog today (no peaking)!

Today’s post is about all the amazing celebrities and athletes that took time out of their busy schedule to make sure the kids time at CHOA was a little brighter!  One of the only things Cole looked forward to when in the hospital was seeing which star would be visiting Ryan Seacrest’s radio station that week. Throughout his many years of being stuck in the hospital due to his CF, he met some really amazing athletes and celebrities!

Some of my favorite stories come from the days where he met these stars!  Here are a few stories that will make you laugh and smile.  I’ll give you a hint too who our special guest is (cough, cough) they are in one of these three stories 🙂

I remember getting a text message on July 27th 2013 from one of my close friends, her exact words were “Your brother is famous!!”  Attached to that text message was a picture from Ryan Seacrest’s instagram page, in the picture was Ryan Seacrest and a little girl with the caption “Great meeting Ashlan, @coltonmoorethecanersurvivor, and @colecroteau at @childrensatl today!”  I was shocked (well I mean not really…) here is this guy who is a well known Tv and radio personality giving a shout out to Cole! Cole told us how awesome it was to meet someone that you see on tv every week who is so down to earth in real life.  He gained a few more cool points from me after that 😉

Fun fact: Each year Chick-Fil-A and CHOA team up and send one of the teams participating in the bowl game to Egleston and the other team to Scottish Rite, so that they can visit the kids that are currently stuck in the hospital over the Christmas and New Years holiday.  This is were he met some of the players from the Texas A&M team.  He gushed about how awesome all the guys were and how he has some new friends who are going to the NFL.  After hanging with all the guys, one of the players was interviewed for their hometown news.  After the segment was aired in Texas we were contacted by them to say that a family saw Cole’s story being talked about by one of the players and wanted to give him the 4 tickets that they could not use that year at the bowl game! Cole was so excited because not only was he getting out of the hospital before New Years BUT he also got to watch his new friends play Duke University!

Last but not least here is one of my favorite stories!  Cole had been in love with Jana Kramer since he heard one of her first songs on the radio.  So when he found out she would be in the studio on May 22nd, 2014 he was first in line!  He told me he was star struck when she walked through the door to sit down and start the interview.  Cole being Cole wanted to remember the moment that he heard her sing live,  in that video she sang “Why Ya Wanna” and we were shocked once he sent it to us!  During the video you can see her looking in his general direction (she was singing to ALL the kids) but when she got to the lyrics that said “I wish ya had on sunglasses, To cover up those blue eyes” she points to him and said ‘you have the bluest eyes’ ( we have the video somewhere).  At that moment he was in heaven, he got to take a sweet picture with her and blushed when she said that if she was younger she totally would have asked him out ❤  He talked about that meeting for months!

If you scroll down you can FINALLY see who I was lucky enough to interview! (drum roll please)


Josh and Cole!

“Aim for Heaven and you get earth thrown in, aim for earth and you get neither.” // C.S. Lewis

So if you haven’t already skipped to the end to see who my special guest is prepared to be jealous!  Meet Josh Lambo, he is the kicker of the San Diego Chargers.  He was also a goalie on the U17 & U21 US mens World Cup team and the kicker for Texas A&M (War Eagle all the way but we did cheer for him a few time…..).

Cole met Josh at CHOA December 27th 2013.  Josh and his Texas A&M teammates were in Atlanta for that years Chick-Fil-A bowl (they won that year!) If you read above you can guess where  Cole’s friendship with a future NFL kicker began!  So without further adieu here is the much anticipated interview:

How did you meet Cole?                                                                                                                              Josh: I met Cole when we were visiting Egleston.  I remember sitting down and talking to him about a bunch of different things.  We were suppose to get up and go to other tables but I remember just sitting there talking to him the whole time.

Did you know what Cystic Fibrosis was before you met Cole?                                                      I knew of it but I did’t really know anything about it. I knew it was something people could have but I did’t know the effects of it.

Was there anything that you took away from meeting Cole?
His ambition. How he was still in school and all the things he was doing with Cole’s Commanders made me think well what am I doing with my life? This kid had limited time out of the hospital but from what I knew he made the most out of all that time, and he utilized it, not just for himself but also to help other people. I just thought that was really really powerful. That with the little bit of freedom he had, a lot of it was helping other people. That was very very admirable.

Besides CF what did y’all talk about?
We talked about football and just chit chatted like “Hey man how are you doing today? What’s happening? What’s going on this week?” I tried to encourage him about what was going on but more often it was the other way around. I was trying to get him to a game and that is how I sort of found out. Your dad had called me, he was suppose to come to our opener in 2014 which was my Senior year of college. Our opener was at South Carolina, I had tickets reserved for him but I think your dad had told me he had to go back in to the hospital and couldn’t make it. Then they were going to come to the Alabama game later on in the season. I was leaving that Thursday practice and your dad had called me to tell me, I had to pull over on the side of the road. That moment was super hard for me because I was super excited to see him again.

Anything else you want to say?
I still think of him a bunch. I have defiantly told other people about him about how cool of a dude he was. He had an infectious spirit, he was just a cool kid. The biggest thing I could remember about him was he had this confidence and this swagger. He didn’t act like he was in a hospital or that he had anything wrong, he was just cool and one of the guys. Im honored to call him my friend and proud to have known him, and he is definitely not going to be anyone I’ll ever know again.

I want to thank every celebrity and athlete who Cole got to meet while in the hospital, each and every one of them touch his life one way or another.  Especially the guy above,  we can not thank you enough for being an amazing friend to Cole and making him feel truly special.   As Cole’s older sister I am so happy he got to experience so much in his young life.  I am so happy he got to LIVE!

I hope you enjoyed and as always dream BIG ❤



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