Broken Road


“And you know what I hate the most?  I hate being looked at like I’m the disease.” -Jake (Broken Road)

I’m so excited for my other CF inspired project!  Cole and I started brainstorming and writing this probably six months (maybe a little bit longer) before he passed away, and now we are putting the finishing touches on this script!!

I remember Cole coming up to me and saying we need a new idea to tackle putting CF on the map and he had the perfect plan; a movie.  He was convinced that since I had acted throughout my high school career, we could come up with and write the perfect movie script.  Little did he know that just two days before I had a dream about the perfect climax and ending to a CF inspired movie.  From there we went on to brainstorm about characters, settings, plots and what would make this movie different from the rest.  Sadly Cole only got to help with writing about 25% of the script BUT the ideas and characters are ours together!  It took me six months after his passing to come back to this and finish what we started; after years of stress and tears we are almost done with the final draft!!!!!

About a month ago I had a private reading with some close friends to get a feel for how the dialogue flowed…..Lets just say it was a success and in a few short weeks we will have what we hope is our FINAL reading!!

As hard as it is to not have him with me for the next step of this adventure, I know he would LOVE it!

As a treat for following my blog and this new project below I have included a little/tiny summary to keep you guessing about this CF inspired movie 🙂

“Four friends embark on a road trip together in hopes of overcoming personal adversities…with a little help along the way” -Broken Road

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2 thoughts on “Broken Road

  1. As a CF mom, I am in tears and looking forward to this. I only knew Cole through our special nurse and luckily met your sweet Mom last year 💜 My best wishes and biggest prayers for you to complete this journey you started with Cole. Thank you for continuing to advocate for CF.


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